Everyone dreams of a well-styled home, not just well-styled but well-organized as well. If you have an eye for home décor like I do, you have come to the right place. Consider this article a mini guide to a well-decorated place. 

    Everyone dreams of a well-styled home, not just well-styled but well-organized as well. If you have an eye for home décor like I do, you have come to the right place. Consider this article a mini guide to a well-decorated place. 

    Although these ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ don’t really affect me but there are certain things that are considered as must-haves for a well-decorated home. They can transform your home instantly and make it look a lot prettier and organized. 

    Despite the fact that you can decorate your space according to your likes and dislikes, but a few things are known as essentials that you MUST consider purchasing. Read on to know about what you have and what you need to get. Have a look: 

    A Splurge 

    You may be expecting this one to hear and here it is, the first piece of advice for everyone trying to decorate his/her house. You should definitely go for the fancy pieces you always wanted to get if it goes with your budget. The entire look of your house can be affected if you compromise on everything including the furniture as well as accessories. Hence, you ought to invest in quality pieces that can elevate the look of your space.

    A stylish curvy couch is the best thing to splurge. You can look for other pieces as well and don’t forget about accessories including the lights, mirrors, cushions, rugs, art pieces, antiques and more. Make sure to create a balance between things when decorating any space in the house so that your eyes can enjoy a pleasant view from every angle. 

    Statement Lights 

    Lights are exceptionally important. It is something that can make or break the entire look of your house in less than no time. No matter how well-decorated your space is, if the lighting is good, it can instantly turn your elegant space into a dull, gloomy one. Therefore, you need good lights in your house. 

    It could be anything, from a crystal chandelier or statement ceiling light to a curvy floor lamp. It is the best way to add that amazing wow factor to your space.

    If you don’t have any budget limitation, you should stick to a chandelier. It can add a contemporary touch to your space whether it is your lounge or bedroom; a chandelier has got your back. 

    Wood Table 

    There is never enough wood when decorating your home. Wood tables and ottomans are the first things everybody thinks of when purchasing pieces for their home.

    Needless to say, wood is necessary stuff for adding sheer sophistication to an area. It is something that you can introduce everywhere in the house beyond storage space and sofa set. Invest in wood tables and ottomans as they instantly bring warmth to your home. Wood comes with its own organic element, and thus it can make any place stylish as well as natural. 


    Another must-have for your home that adds extreme warmth is a rug. Rugs look super elegant, and they can add the final touch to any space and make it look graceful in less than a few seconds.

    Rugs are available everywhere these days, and they come in a massive variety, different prints, colors and sizes. You can check area rugs online and before you make a purchase, keep your color scheme in mind. If your home theme is dark, you should get a rug in a pastel shade to complement the dark colors and if your home theme is light, you ought to stick to bold patterns and bright colors. 

    Your accessories should complement your home décor. So keep it minimal, add the pop of color and choose the patterns wisely. 

    A Good Place to Read 

    A quiet corner in the house where you can curl up (and read all your favorite books) is essential. After a hectic day at work, everyone needs some space to unwind.

    Choose a space that is silent and not in the middle of the home, add a comfy chair, a luxe floor lamp or table lamp, and a curvy table near at hand to make sure that you have an area of your own where you can just come, sit comfortably and have some ‘me time.’ 

    Let Art Pieces Do the Talking 

    Art pieces are included in the most versatile decorating accessories. From sculptures to paintings, art is all about diversity. Regardless of your likes and dislikes or home theme, you can always find suitable art pieces or just create one of your own. 

    If you want something stylish, you should consider a sculpture, particularly with metal finishing. In the event, you want to keep everything traditional, go for the classic landscapes or ceramic decoration pieces. In addition to that, don’t forget about the classical religious pieces, for example, a sculpture of Jesus, Islamic calligraphy and more. 

    To make your home differ from others’ and to add a personalized touch, art is the best remedy. It is something that dates back to the prehistoric era. In the prehistoric period, people used to make cave paintings, which were later used for décor purposes as well as communication.

    The cave art is preserved till date. If you have ever been to ancient places or museums in France or Italy, you may have come across such cave paintings. Hence, art is undoubtedly the most basic kind of home decoration. But remember that you need to have a skillful eye in order to purchase good art. 

    All these things mentioned above are must-haves whenever you make your mind to decorate and organize your home. I hope it helps you out. Have a wonderful day!

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