Instituted in 2011 by Jagruti Kothawade, an acclaimed and distinguished interior designer, Jagruti Design Studio is the leading  interior design company in Pune .  At present, it is a frontrunner in the industry with a decade of excellence in services. 
Landscaping design At Jagruti Design Studio, we excel at jazzing up the interiors of both residential and commercial spaces with artistic skills. We have a proven track record of collaborating with renowned brands from home and abroad and have Handled turnkey projects independently . Thus far, in our operational experience spanning several years, we have steered numerous interior design assignments through to success. This major accomplishment, apart from offering us remarkable insights, has also helped us foster strong business relationships with our partners based on trust.
Our viewpoint on the corners of interior spaces is that they are distinctive. In line with it, we believe the design model that works for a specific space may not be equally handy for others. Thus, we adopt a systematic approach to specifically address the requirements of each project. Our adept designers examine the attributes of both corporate offices and residences with a critical eye.  Following a detailed observation of all aspects, they formulate the best interior design strategy and proceed to implement it. 
Notwithstanding the aspects of interiors, our designers possess exceptional prowess to give them a facelift. They employ both their dexterity and expertise to accomplish the requisite design tweaks with finesse. 
At Jagruti Design Studio, interior design is not a mere requirement but a passion.  In line with this outlook, we channel our skills and attention to mold good design vibes into interior design projects. This way, we turn architectural challenges of the interiors of residences and corporate offices into opportunities and come up with neat solutions. Not only do we have a hand in beautifying residential spaces but also restaurants, retail stores, offices, commercial spaces and a lot more. Whether it is about applying splashes of colors or contrasts, we ponder over the needs of our clients prior to making a decision. We explore all possibilities to enhance every inch of our projects. As one of the best interior designers in Pune , we strive to adorn offices and residences by complying with the current trends. Our expert designers leave no stone unturned to translate this thought into reality.
While we prioritize quality, we also treat the cost factor with due importance without overlooking it. Our wide range of budget-friendly packages caters to the needs of different budget segments. Our outlook of charging reasonably for our services also makes us one of the desired and favorable budget interior designers in Pune .
We do not hesitate to try out innovative interior design models for renovations and make them a big hit with our clientele. Over the years, this broader perspective has helped us graduate from a popular business organization to an exemplary trendsetter in the interior design industry. So far, we have put countless interior design ideas under the spotlight with panache. Aside from giving us a true corporate identity, this hallmark feature also outlines our future goal: to become the benchmark for interior design based on adherence to our client’s demands and top-notch offerings.

Why Jagruti Design Studio?

Jagruti Design Studio is the leading interior design company in Pune . Since the inception of the studio, we have come a long way to gain a foothold in the industry with our exceptional services. Besides, we have also earned the reputation of being a trendsetter. We visualize creative interior design ideas and merge them with the current trends to achieve bespoke solutions in our interior design projects.
While the interior design market is flooded with several providers, we pride ourselves on maintaining a distinctive identity. Unlike the other providers in the industry, we work on our interior design projects with great passion. This hallmark feature sets us apart from the others and makes us the pick of the bunch.
From offering superb quality of services to reasonable packages, we cover all bases to be the one-stop destination for interior design in Pune. We value partnerships and so, we fully commit ourselves to attain the goals of our partners’ projects.
The hallmark features of our services as an end-to-end partner include the following:
  • Bespoke interior design solutions for corporate offices and residences
  • Comprehensive solutions for interior design needs
  • Outstanding services with guaranteed satisfaction from a team of experts
  • On-time solutions with strict adherence to deadlines
  • Budget-friendly packages


Design by Room Type

At Jagruti Design Studio, we concur with the view that an abode radiates one’s demeanor. Every inch of it has a significance that only a passionate homeowner or an interior designer can fathom. So, as the best interior designer in Pune , we embellish all corners of the interiors of a dwelling to boost its value.
Ideally, modern homes consist of a living room, a kitchen, and one or more bedrooms. Some homes may also have kids’ rooms, depending on the number of kids in a family. These dimensions and other aspects of these rooms tend to vary from one another. As such, there is no one-size-that-fits-all approach that works for all of them in the same manner.
Therefore, at Jagruti Design Studio, our skillful interior design professionals employ an out-of-the-box strategy for each room to give it a unique appearance. 

1. Living Room - First Impression Lasts

The first impression always matters the most, and it corresponds to the living room of a residence more than any other part of it.
Both family members and visitors spend their quality time in the living room of a home. This makes its decoration imperative for homeowners.  Being visually pleasing aside, it must also have the ambiance to invigorate anyone who spends time in it.
We acknowledge this necessity. As the providers of the best interior design in Pune , we adopt the best models for living room design in Pune that captivate everyone’s hearts and minds. This way, we strive to get the living room of a home into shape and give it the appearance it deserves.

2. Kitchens - Heart of The Home

The kitchen of a home assumes its importance due to three core elements: health, seating, and storage. Being centered on these aspects, a kitchen, the heart of a home, calls for meticulous attention.
At Jagruti Design Studio, we come up with distinctive kitchen design in Pune for all kinds of kitchens. 
Our expert designers employ a luxury kitchen interior design for luxury kitchens. Likewise, they utilize other relevant design models for minimalistic and other kinds of kitchens.

3. Bedrooms - A sophisticated & Happy Place

Elegance, sophistication, and coziness are the three attributes that draw a line of distinction between a bedroom and other rooms of a home.
At Jagruti Design Studio, we identify the best bedroom interior design and work on it diligently to make it real.
From leaving sufficient room for movement to decorating the walls and arranging different pieces of furniture, our designers ensure that a bedroom looks in tip-top condition. The rationale behind it is to make a bedroom a happy place for homeowners.

4. Kids' Rooms - Space of Comfort & Fun

Every kid needs his/her interactive personal space filled with comfort and fun. It motivates kids to be themselves and learn new things.
At Jagruti Design Studio, we assign a team of the best home interior designers in Pune to add more fun and comfort to a kid’s space. They consider all the characteristics of a home to accomplish this task.


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